1,000 Buddhas in China an Asian Vacation


This area has 1,000 Buddhas carved into the stone.

I like the area as it has caves and walkways and is very tourist friendly to visit.
I forget exactly where it is, but you can search online to find it.

It has to be in Eastern China as I haven't been very far to the west in the country

There must have been a long time taken to carve the Buddhas. it could have taken a lot of workers as they often have on a public project, to create it.

About Chinese labor crews:

I have seen a group of about 80 workers walking shoulder touching shoulder across a lawn very slowly and each had a bag with grass shoots in it and they pulled out small dead strands of grass and replaced them with live grass strands one at a time, and it went well. The lawn was perfect.
I have never seen anything like that in the USA or in Canada or Europe.

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