9 Foot Tall Tiger At An Old English Fair


Yep he is really 9 feet tall and a tiger

At the whole fair, this is the most powerful image that there is. This tiger is luckily controlled, how much we don't know for sure, buy the people who work with him.

If he wanted to run down into the audience and eat someone there is nothing that the guy could do to stop him, and the girl would run away, as well.

This tiger is the biggest I have ever seen, and they say there is none bigger.

I had the cahones to walk up to the stage to see him closer but didn't get a photo because I didn't want a flash to startle him, and then he would eat me.

It would hurt a lot at first, but when I passed out from the pain of being eaten by a tiger I wouldn't feel anything any longer and then I would die so then I wouldn't feel any pain at all.

Here is the tiger trying to eat the girl.

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