Epcot Center - Easy Rider


Epcot Center in Florida - Easy Rider

Easy Rider Roger - EPcot Center - www.Fun-Vacation.com

Roger is sitting on the "Easy Rider" movie bike at the Epcot Center in Florida.

There are so many things to do and see here at the Epcot that it can easily take more than a 12 hour day to explore the place.

Some lines are a bit of a wait for the rides and exhibitions, but they are all very good and the cost of $14.00 for parking and $89.00 entrance fee is high, but you can't get the same experience elsewhere unless you travel all over the world to the countries exhibited here.

The day we spent here was a slightly rainy/drizzly on and off sort of day with a cold snap kicking in leaving us with an outdoor temperature of about 65 degrees in early January.

Not so bad at all though as there are a lot of buildings to be in for the entertainment that surrounds you here.

After all, it's Disney, so it's great.

Oh yeah, about the motorcycle... I have no idea why it is there, maybe I didn't read some sign or posting somewhere as there is so much going on all around you at Epcot that you can't be aware of everything.