End of Paved Road on the way to Mistissini - Cree in Canada


The end of the road...

Well the paved road anyway.

This is highway 167 and the end of it's many miles of paved section leading to this end of the paved road.

Here as you can see in the photo is where the highway as you might still call it becomes a dirt road with hard packed gravel in it. The road also turns to the left and goes to Mistissini as the same dirt way.
The Cree live in Mistissini as it is their nation in northern Canada.

They were very friendly and somewhat talkative with us. We learned funny stories about white men who had come up to the Cree country trying to make a living. One story was about a man losing his heavy machinery in a bog. There were other fun stories concerning bears a sacred animal to the Cree.

Check out the end of the paved road photo that includes my Honda Goldwing 1500 motorcycle below.End of the highway Rt 167 in Canada's northern Quebec - Mistissini Cree Nation. - www.Fun-Vacation.com