Erhu and Pipa players in China an Asian Vacation


The Erhu is for men
The Pipa is for women

That what they say and do in China but as a guitarist or a string picking guy more than a bowing instrument player I prefer the Pipa as it has much more obvious notes that I can learn and learn quicker than Erhu.

Notice that the Erhu has three strings, is bowed sometimes to be played and the strings are tuned differently, but the bow is entwined between them when bowed. They vary in design. I have seen one with two strings. Some have a bow some don't.

That strikes me as a pain for starters whereas the Pipa has frets so that you know where the notes are more easily, and it is picked. That is easier, by my opinion, to play.

There are many duos that play traditional Chinese music using these two specific instruments.

I want a pipa, and I don't care if only Chinese women play them.Erhu and a Pipa players -