Woodstock - Then - Now


Eric Burdon

Again about the Hippie Fest show that I saw at the Bethel Center For The Arts - formerly Woodstock.

This guy Eric Burdon put on a great show and had his own band with him.

He came to fame in the '60's as the singer of the band "The Animals" one of the bands in the UK invasion of the era.

He was an older man now and probably in his mid sixties at least, but what a powerful singer doing a very strong cover of his own songs just as they sounded when he recorded them.

The guitarist played "House of the Rising Sun" note perfect, and the rest of the band were awesome as well on the many songs that they did from their early time in the UK and America.

Check out the pic of Eric below.Eric Burden of the Animals at Bethel Center For The Arts Hippie Fest - www.Fun-Vacation.com