Germany - Epcot Center


Germany at the Epcot Center in Florida

Germany - Epcot Center -

Epcot Center at Disney has a really nice "Germany" to explore. It shows a country with a long history.

There are no questionable politics or negativity to be found here as the whole exhibition is quaint and more in the "Cute Germany" sort of vein.

The food is good, and the people are very nice to deal with in the gift shops as well as the historical area of the exhibition.

If you ever wanted to get a German drinking vessel, (a stein), they have a gazillion of them that are available to buy. They have nice covers that are hinged, and open and close on the top. There is very typical German stein styled artwork decorating the ceramic sides.

There are a lot of nice tourist items to bring home from the gift shops, and the architecture is a very good old traditional German style.