Gym and Shower in Key West, Florida


If for any reason you don't have a shower...

I was a member here at the Island Gym for my time here, and I loved it.

Some other folks were living on their boats or sleeping in their vans and had no real super shower facilities.

Well those folks can live high on the hog for a reasonable price with a great gymnasium and the nicest showers around.

There are weights, running machines and just about any exercise machine that you can imagine and great (did I mention this already?) showers.

My favorite part of the whole thing is the showers because, after a small bit of exercise, I take a shower and go out doors into the slightly cooling air of the afternoon and really enjoy Key West even more.

Check out the two pictures below - Hui-ling Chen is a running gal in the bottom one.

Island Gym in Key West -
Hui-Ling Chen on the running machine Key WEst Island Gym -