Hot Pot In China - An Asian Vacation


Try eating from a hot pot and you'll like the style.

In China and elsewhere, they have some restaurants and a some homes that use a hotpot.

The style of eating from a hotpot is interesting and fun. They have a few sections to the hot pot, and the bottom is a round donut shaped open topped water heating area.

The middle is the heater that is usually fired with coals or a gas. It appears to be a chimney sort of look and heats the water on the sides of it in the donut shaped area.

When we had hot pot a couple of times. The waitress asked us what we wanted to eat and gave us a long list of suggestions, so we ordered about 12 or so different cold dishes to cook in the hotpot and then did so.

Check out my sister and nephew, Paulette Chartier and her son Alex Donnelly our guests in China eating at the hotpot - Oh and it is usually done with chopsticks.Hot Pot in Beijing china -