Lac Mistassini


A very big lake in northern Canada
Lac Mistassini

Roger is here standing in front of a small corner of the biggest lake surface in Quebec province, Canada with a total surface area of approximately 1,451 square miles.

The native Cree Nation is here in the village of Mistissini, and it is accessible by a final run of 10 miles of dirt road from highway 167 which ends it's paved section 10 miles out of town.

The summer motorcycle trip was taken up there by Roger Chartier and Ernie Dube. Nice people, the Cree.

See the two images belowLAc Mistissini and Roger Chartier -
Below the Red A is the village of Mistissini near Lac Mistassini with ice below and above it.
The lake is the large mass above.
map of Lac Mistissini - Northern Quebec Province Canada -