Amazing! Jon Stetson at an Old English Fair


Is Jon Stetson really a magic man?

Yes, he is really a magic man who can do real magic and they are not tricks that other magicians can do, no, no they are real magic acts that he can do to amaze all people who see the magical activities of Jon Stetson.

He can speak very well also and keep all in front of his dominion enthralled with patter and verbage that is uniquily enthralling and captivating, as well.

I remember when he was about 9 years old, and I saw him doing magic in a hospital for kids who were sick. He was in the magical groove even then.

Now ladies and gentlemen we present Jon Stetson at the Fair of the Old English... oh and an extremely beautiful girl at his side, as well.

MAgical Jon Stetson - Old English Fair -