Meng Jun Marries In China


Chinese weddings are different

The entire thing is different from American weddings. Well the food was super and ...

For one thing, they have 4 changes of clothes and that means 4 suits for the husband but 4 gowns with matching shoes and head pieces for the bride.

The reception for the wedding is also different as people don't dance, but the bride and groom are put through the paces with a showier wedding reception performance that they are putting on.

The DJ who is an assistant to the MC is running sound effects and background music for a whole huge video performance on a massive screen.
It is like being in a movie theater for that segment of the event.

Well here are a couple of pictures of the bride and groom in their clothes.

Oh, that was a wedding reception in early 2012, and I have become a grandfather now in 2013.

It's a boy.Pic 1 Meng Jun Wedding -

Meng Jun wedding 2 -