Epcot Center - Mexico


Epcot Center in Florida - Mexico

Roger is dressed for the weather on this unusually cold and rainy day at Epcot. We enjoyed ourselves nevertheless.

This section of the park is called Mexico as it shows off the culture and food and clothing of the country as well as the style of goods that are available in the gift shops there.

It is very informative with a nice show about Mexico it self.

The building behind me in the photo is a typical example of a Maya religious temple in the style that was built hundreds of years before the white man came to Mexico to conquer and decimate a lot of the population of indigenous people.

The Spanish began taking over the country in the 1500's and never left.

The new inhabitants caused a change in religion to Catholicism and the style of buildings changed, as well.

Now the country is a gun violence and gang war riddled drug producing and exporting country.

Financially speaking, there is Marijuana and Cocaine as some of the top crops.

The Epcot version of Mexico is probably a lot safer a trip to take than the real Mexico until the time can come when the government can take control of the country from the gangs of drug dealers who are somewhat running the country now.