Woodstock - Then - Now


The Old Woodstock Stage Area

Every time I look at this picture my mind goes back to the time when I spent nearly a week at the location.

The wooden fence was not there. The gray ground area in the left of the photo is where the original Woodstock stage was. Just to the left of it the road made its way.

There was a wooden bridge connecting the wooden stage to the heliport area behind the stage.

Entertainers and promoters supplies came in that way. I remember an incident before the concert even had started, maybe it was on the Wednesday or Thursday. Jorma Kaukonen of the group Jefferson Airplane stopped on his moped (the first moped I had ever seen), and he had a milk carton on the back full of sandwiches. He asked us (Joey Kennedy and myself) if we wanted a sandwich, and we said "Sure".

Jorma gave us a sandwich of baloney, lettuce and cheese. It was a good treat during our food rationed stay at the location.

I remember a girl who stood in the same spot behind the stage for days dancing. She wore a maroon top. She is also in the film called "Woodstock".Woodstock location at Bethel Center For The Arts - www.Fun-Vacation.com