Adel's, the one restaurant in Mistissini, QC


Adel's has great blueberry pie and other food as well!

The restaurant in Mistissini is built as if it will serve a large population. It is not so large as to run a large event in it, just large for the town.

It is the only restaurant in the town and so it does the job of feeding those who don't want to cook at home that day.

They have some strange hours of operation that start late morning for lunch.

We went in and sat down as did others but no waitress would serve us.

I asked about it, and she said the cook hadn't started yet, so we all waited until it was the appropriate lunch time then we got served.

I like it there as the people speak in the native Cree language, and we can't understand them unless we speak directly to them in English or French as is the case. We heard some great stories, and I am not telling you them here... HaHa!

Check the photo below of our motorcycles, Ernie and Adel's.Adels restaurant - Mistissini QC -