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This is a word for word copy of the image that you see below that is posted on sign(s) in parks in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Public Parks Rules For Visitors

Persuant to the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on administration of public parks, visitors are advised to observe the following;

1. Parks are accessible to the public during the "open" hours; admission, tickets or relevant identity documents where desired are to be presented at entrance; children below 1.2 meters in height; mental patients are admitted only under custody;

2. Ethic and moral codes should be duly honored; visitors are expected not to urinate or shit, post ads or posters, and write or carve around in the park, nor to remove or harm any facility or equipment in the park; exposing one's top, lying about, washing and airing clothes, scavenging or begging from others is unallowable; climbing artificial hills, or playing or swimming in the pond or lake is objectionable; ball games and kite flying are impermissible (unless in a designated area);

3. Visitors are not supposed to ease/scare or capture bird, cricket , fish , shrimp or cicada (except those for commercial purposes); no animal is allowed to enter the park un less permitted; visitors should take good care of trees, flowers and plants and should not tear at flowers or plants, dig up or seeds, or collect soil or water plants;

4. Firearms and ammunition, combustibles and explosives, and any other hazardous items are stricktly forbidden; fire-work playing, barbecuing or camping is banned (unless in a designated are) in the park;

5. The visitor to the park should discipline himself instead of making himself a nuisance to others; any group activity in the park shall be subject to the administration of the relevant department of the park; public speech, public meeting or fund-raising of any nature is inexpedient; activities of feudalistic and superstitious nature, gambling and those banned under law are prohibited, activities of business nature, including setting up of a vending stand, peddling about, practicing medicine or distributing propaganda sheafs are not allowed;

6. No vehicle except special vehicles for the disabled shall be admitted into the park, vehicles allowed into the park should move around slowly.

7. No playing Mahjongs in the park

Shanghai Green Administration Bureau
October 2002

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