Epcot Center- The Big Ball


Epcot Center -The Big Ball

The big ball - Epcot Center - www.Fun-Vacation.com

Here on the right you can see a photo of the big ball at Epcot Center in the Disney facility in the middle of Florida.

As was said in the home page of the Epcot series, we had a great time there and will go again when I am in the neighborhood.

Here in the photo is Hui-Ling Chen standing in the foreground before the "Big Ball".

I am referring to it as the "Big Ball" as a lot of customers of the park were calling it that on the day that we were there.

The plaques in the foreground have tiny metal-ized photos of some customers who opted for the experience of having it done as part of a memorial in the park dedicated to those who had been there.