Waterfall - Epcot Center


Epcot Center in Florida - Waterfall

Waterfall at Epcot - disney - www.Fun-Vacation.com

Hui-Ling standing in front of the waterfall.

She and I have no idea what the waterfall is doing at Epcot but it is there in its grand form and has it's water falling function storming away with its powerful blast of huge amounts of the liquid plunging over the actually fake cliffs, (Disney fake is quite good though).

We stopped by this section in the Epcot center to see what it was all about, as it is midway between two countries.

We figure that it is some sort of an African or outback-ish sort of place with little definition to us.

You would like it as it is a nice break from the mostly European countries on your circular stroll through the area.

We do not have all of the countries exhibited at Epcot on this site, but you can see Morocco and others there also.