Wuxi Show 3 in China an Asian Vacation


Wuxi is an old city

I walked on a street that was cobblestoned and the wall nearby - more than 3,000 years old.

It is still a street surface, but well worn with walking and carts etc.

The street may have been covered for some years with dirt, but it is still working.

China is an old country and there are a lot of old cultural effects that are still in place long after the rest of the world realized their futility.

The culture is amazing, and we went to a show that is an old style dance show on a beautiful stage in Wuxi. There are more Wuxi pictures here.

See below that they got me up onto the stage after their performance most likely because I was the only caucasian in the audience. Wuxi show 3 - www.Fun-Vacation.com